Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about our services.

Q: What if I need service now and don’t want to sign-up for a time-slot?

A: Call us direct and we will schedule service ASAP.  We are available during normal business hours to provide on-site draft service and 24/7 via video conference.  Don’t hesitate to call for immediate service! 818-646-0701

Q: The business I work for uses tablets; can you provide service through my smart tablet?

A: As long as your tablet is connected to a strong WiFi signal and you have access to your video conferencing app we can help!

Q: What if I need additional parts or tools to fix my problem?

A: Our service staff has most common components on hand during service. Tap and Keg can also have parts/tools shipped direct to your location.  We offer expedited shipping options for rush situations, and provide alternative ordering options and parts resources for non-emergency orders.  Prepare your business today with our DRAFT SERVICE REPAIR KIT, and arm yourself with the tools and parts for most repairs.

Q: What if the problem is too involved and we cannot fix it via video chat?

A: Most draft problems DO NOT fall into this category, and service via video conference is a great first response to fix your problem immediately.  Additionally; we offer on-cite service during normal business hours for more involved service issues.

Have a draft beer troubleshooting question that is not listed?  Call us today and we will answer all of your questions and concerns.

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