Some of the most frustrating issues originate with draft beer home system setup and repair.  Here at Tap and Keg we have several years experience home, micro and macro brewing as well as setting up and maintaining personal and commercial draft systems.  We service all systems types; from DIY kegerators to remote ice towers we have the draft beer resources to fix it all.  We will guide you through fixing your home brew dispensing issues as well as providing information for ongoing care of your system.

Kegerator DIY

draft beer Kegerator
A DIY kegerator is the most common draft beer at home setup.  Kegerators utilize a central refrigeration system to cool the keg(s), the lines to the tower and the draft tower itself.  There are kits available, but these tend to be homemade more often than not.

Air cooled Systems

draft beer at home
Most home systems are air cooled, utilizing a refrigerator to cool the entire system.  Draft beer at home can vary drastically in setup based on components used, but all operate under the same principals.

Home Draft System/ Custom Setups

Custom draft beer towerThere are many options when setting up your home draft system and no 2 are the same.  Often, once your system is installed and running there is little to no follow-up assistance available for home users to maintain or troubleshoot their equipment.  Additionally; for the draft beer DIY’er there are minimal draft beer resources for setup and repair help.  We provide this service to all users alike no matter what your draft setup is like.

Draft Beer DIY/ Home Brew Issues

Home Draft beer system
Our technicians have several years of knowledge in brewing on the craft, micro and macro scale.  Home brew, micro brew or domestic we look at your draft beer DIY issue from all angles.  We have seen it all and will trouble shoot all types of systems and issues.

Tools for Success

Draft Beer Tools

A must for home users!  Our draft service repair kit comes with all of the beer tools you will need for ongoing maintenance and service of your home draft system.  Provided with this is our Draft Maintenance Manual.  This simple breakdown of quarterly maintenance tasks walks you through the “how to” of each service item.  Coupled with the maintenance log you can track and complete your own system maintenance for years to come.  For any questions or unknown issues call us for immediate support!